clbcreate - Handmade copper and gemstone jewelry.
We mix copper and assorted gemstones to make our pieces.  When the copper and the gemstones get together - we never know what will happen!!!

We make cuffs, bangles and some really
interesting bracelets.  They are comfortable 
and definitely start conversations.

We happened to find some gorgeous 
carnelian leaves. They have appeared
in several different forms.  They want to
be friends with the copper and definitely
seem to get along!

My mother has collected hummingbird for years and my husband cut out a few to see if we could make them.  Turns out...yes we can!  He made two original hummingbirds and I painted them. We gave her a choice, she chose BOTH!  One she wears and the other one flies on the visor of her car.

Our copper "buttnerflies" and dragonflies are all hand hammered, hand painted and each one has its own personality.  

These "buttnerflies" and dragonflies love to ride on your jackets or even your sweaters.

Sometimes we find interesting glass or stones to wire wrap.  They are organic and intriguing!

copper wrapped seaglass pendants

Sometimes the gemstones want to stand alone.  I use peridot, jaspers, agates, quartz, howlite, tigers eye, carnelian or pretty much anything that peaks our interest.

I love that making jewelry is something that Bill and I do
together! We can work together and we can work separately, but whatever we create is OURS!  

Each piece is created by our hands and our minds.  
When we sit down to create we never know what will happen.  We may have an idea in our head, but
the stones or the metal have different ideas. Things may change or evolve as we are making them.  

Maybe they don't want to fit the way we want them to and sometimes they just decide what they want to be and we just follow their lead.

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