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When you wear jewelry - Make a Statement!

Why would you want to wear something that everyone else has?

Your jewelry should be as unique as you are!

Our jewelry shows that you are an original and are willing to be noticed.

Each piece that we create is one of a kind. The jewelry is a combined effort between my husband and I. We use copper, sterling, aluminum, glass and mixed gemstones. Whatever materials inspire us, will eventually end up in our jewelry. Every piece is handmade and as hard as we try, they never look the same.

When I work with the gemstones, they tend to tell me what they want to do and who they want to be with. Sometimes they speak loudly and sometimes I have to play with them to understand what they are trying to say. I used to collect rocks when I was young, and as I get older I still collect them, but they take on a different form!

Some of the most interesting pieces are ones that Bill and I created together!

My husband, Bill, made the mistake of helping me with something. Now, he is my master copper artist! He can make the copper do magical things! The copper can be rustic or refined, elegant or earthy. We get our inspiration from nature, architecture or people that we have met through our lives.

When we are at

craft shows & art shows, We try to show how pieces are created. Sometimes we even have kids make their own pieces! Our goal is to encourage the kids to do something with their hands other than play on their phone or video games. They have the satisfaction of actually making some art themselves. If kids don't use their hands, they can lose their imagination and their creativity.

We can fire paint the copper but the copper does what it wants. We can get it to turn purple, red, green and gold, but sometimes it insists on going to the "dark side".

Bill & I would love to see you at different craft shows, art shows or even if you want to have a home show! We are always looking for new

places to meet people and introduce you to

our art.

If we can inspire the future, then art will continue to evolve and grow.

You can see some other new pieces on the "New Creations" page. We are always making new pieces so please come back and visit.

Copper can start as normal copper wire and turn into wonderful, exciting art that you get to wear!

Your jewelry should be as unique as you are.

ClbCreate lets the special spark in you shine!

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